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Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 7:39 pm
by RandomAmerican
I'm an American but since Brexit is no doubt going to effect the world economy for better or worse, I might still comment about it.

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Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 10:40 am
by siteadmin
Hi @RandomAmerican

The uncertainty of Brexit is now over, now the worse is probably to come.
By end of 2020 we will know and into the next year when trade wars between UK and EU will flare up, but I am no expert and no-one has a crystal ball.

We all hope its a smooth transition for all, we will see..

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Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 10:04 pm
by RandomAmerican
The refugee crisis probably is what is mostly to blame for this. Not everyone can be let in, and the open borders policy is somewhat associated with the EU.

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Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 10:24 pm
by siteadmin
British people where sold on the idea that their powers were been taken away from Westminster and Brussels was taking over control.
That's what started this of many years ago, then the Arabs springs uprising started and loads of refugees started to flow into Europe and predominantly France and Britain.

That's when the Nigel Farage UKIP (UK Independence Party) become more prominent and started stoking the fires with refugees and British jobs been taken by then.

This cause more tensions in UK politics, to which right wing parties started to come to light, like the EDL (English Defense League) who didn't take no prisoners with refugees/foreigners been in England's shores.

There rest is history: David Cameron caved in to Euro Skeptics demands for an EU referendum, which then lead to 2016 Referendum vote to "Yes to Leave" EU with less than a 2% majority of an electoral total participation of 33million people.

That the crazy thing, such an important vote decided the final outcome on such a thin margin.

Well UK's membership in the EU lasted 47 years.

Onto the next chapter.